Our services


Customer counseling: Use of particles for initial remediation / as a substitute, a support, or to accelerate existing actions / as an after-treatment of (partial) restoration to eliminate residual contamination

Site assessment: geology, hydraulic, chemical, microbiology, utilization, site infrastructure above-/underground, approvability of the used particles

Design of the NMPs application: source remediation / plume remediation / secure downgradient / extraction wells protection / on site treatment

Coupling of NMP-based method with phase extraction, P&T, bioremediation, ENA (enhanced natural attenuation), ISCO / ISRC

NMP-injection: particle configuration and production / injection planning / injection with the latest NMP-injection technique, e.g. Direct Push or packer system

Authorities backing, preparation of permit application

High-resolution site investigation: creating 3D site models (geology / hydrodynamics / contaminant distribution / particle displacement). Measurement of in situ groundwater flow (3D configuration, velocity), measurements of particle propagation, multiparameter probes (with permanent measurement of pH, redox, el. conductivity, oxygen, temperature), and permanent measurements of hydraulic head, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and chloride

3D-modeling of NMP migration

Modeling hydrology and contaminant transport

Sampling of groundwater / soil / soil gas (VDI / DIN / EN …)

Site survey

Exploration & drilling: exploratory drillings / installation of gauges / injection drillings / construction of monitoring wells / analysis




Environmental assessment

Evaluation of older remediation measures

Remediation support

Authorities backing



Research and Development

Research contracting and laboratory studies Column experiments, dynamic mesocosms, batch incubations

Research projects EU, BMBF, BMWi