Wide pH range of applicability.

Adaptable to different mining sites conditions.

Effective at coal, copper and gold mines.

Treatment of heavy metals, metalloids and cyanides.

Target contaminants

Generating waste is inevitable in the mining industry’s production routines. Waste materials, such as waste piles and tailings may potentially leach toxic elements to the groundwater, such as copper, mercury, lead, zinc, chromium, arsenic and cyanides.

The Intrapore team has developed innovative and minimal invasive solutions to effectively remediate contaminated groundwater streams related to mining operations.
EIT Raw Materials strongly believes in the solutions developed by Intrapore and is thrilled to support this highly skilled and enthusiastic team to launch the Intramine product on the market.

– Nicolas Menou, Business Development Manager, EIT RawMaterials


Due to its wide pH range of applicability, intramine® is our new advanced solution especially designed for in situ immobilization of pollutants encountered at mining sites, such as coal, copper and gold mines.
The removal mechanisms include adsorption, reduction or precipitation of heavy metals, metalloids and a wide spectrum of cyanides.
With the injection of intramine® we definitively create an effective barrier, preventing further migration of contaminated groundwater streams.