Mit unserer partikelbasierten Boden- und Grundwassersanierung können zahlreiche Schadensbilder sicher und nachhaltig – auch unter bebautem Gelände – saniert werden. Welche Schadstoffe bereiten Ihnen Probleme?

Our technology:
Particle-based in-situ groundwater remediation

We inject suspensions of reactive or adsorptive microparticles into contaminated aquifers. The particles react with the pollutants on site, deep within the ground, and degrade them. Quite simple in principle. Highly sophisticated in detail. And incredibly exciting.

Every site has its special features, every contamination is different: For the targeted and customised application of our particle suspensions, the site conditions are characterized at high resolution and integrated in a conceptual site model. Only in this way can we identify the areas with the highest contamination and the main contaminant flow pathways. These three components – high-resolution site investigation with Intrasense®, data integration in the conceptual site model and the subsequent in-situ application to eliminate contamination form our integrated Intrapore system.

Minimally invasive – maximally effective: particle-based groundwater remediation

In the 21st century, the availability of clean water is a global challenge. With particle-based in situ remediation, Intrapore is making a contribution to global access to clean water and healthy soil. Even if the locations are difficult to access, the pollutants are complex and all conventional methods fail – our remediation method works.

We have developed 5 products to treat all relevant groundwater pollution: as an oxidative or reductive reagent, as an adsorption, enrichment or redox-active precipitant. The aim is always to eliminate or immobilize the pollutants so that the downstream groundwater flow is not contaminated anymore.

Typical groundwater pollutants that can be treated with our products are BTEX, PAHs, MOHCs or CHCs. We can also immobilize heavy metals in situ. At Intrapore, a very special focus is on PFAS, for which we have developed our own product, the Intraplex® specialized activated carbon.


For this purpose, the microparticles in their colloidal injection suspensions are individually adapted to the site if required. Our aim is to carry out the particle application as precisely as possible. Our focus is on the hot spots with the highest concentrations of pollutants and their flow main pathways.

The success of our application proves us right. We have now successfully treated over 100 sites throughout Europe with our products.

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