Effective control of pollutant plumes

Intrasorp® is the suspension that contains our specialized activated carbon colloids. In 2004, it was developed and patented at one of Europe’s leading environmental research centers – UFZ Leipzig – and is exclusively distributed by Intrapore. With Intrasorp®, we can create in situ adsorption barriers to quickly prevent the spreading of plumes or limit the leaching of source zones with respect to a wide variety of organic contaminants.

The Intrasorp® suspension shows a superior subsurface mobility during injection, a irreversible deposition at the target zone and a vast adsorption capacity.

It has been proven successfully in multiple remediation projects at multiple sites, with injection permissions by local water authorities.

Field-proven: Successful full-scale applications

  • Adsorption of BTEX, PAH, mineral oil hydrocarbons for the long-term immobilization of contaminants in groundwater plumes or source zones.
  • Effective adsorption of a wide variety of further organic contaminants.
  • Can be injected into the aquifers as colloidally stabilized suspension via direct push or via existing measuring wells.
  • Irreversible deposition after injection, no uncontrolled mobility of “renegade” AC colloids.
  • Immediate cutoff of contamination plumes.
  • Sustained lifetimes of the in situ adsorption barrier
  • Field-proven full-scale remediation applications.
  • Superior, drinking-water quality – Made in Germany and scientifically validated.
  • Can be boosted by our patented Intrablue® additive: colloidal iron oxides will be mixed into the Intrasorp® suspension. The iron oxide colloids serve as electron acceptors for anaerobic microorganisms, greatly enhancing the microbial degradation of contaminants under anoxic conditions.


Patents Exclusive licence by Intrapore GmbH
DE10314489, DE102005054666
Surface area up to 1.200 m2/g
Particle Size ~ 1 µm
Concentration 10 –100 g/ L
  • activatedcarbon
  • water

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    For the treatment of persistent pollutants

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