We assess contaminated sites on a fine scale for the type and extent of damage. For the exploration of the site, we use the intrasense® system that we have developed. This enables high-resolution, detailed explorations with exact data regarding the small-scale hydrodynamics, geology and biogeochemical conditions.

The intrasense® system consists of an integrated and coordinated package of measuring processes for the collection of all the relevant groundwater data. The results provide all the information required for the physico-chemical and hydro-geological characterisation of the groundwater and local hydrodynamics – and therefore for the planning and configuration of the individually optimum NMP application.

During the exploration of our measuring points, we were surprised to discover with intrasense® the presence of several deviating groundwater flow directions at our site. We hadn’t expected such anisotropies. On the basis of the intrasense® findings, we were able to align our remediation measures considerably more effectively.

– Environmental Consultant from a major environmental consulting firm.

The essential elements of intrasense® are, for example, the determination of the horizontal and vertical groundwater flow direction and velocity as well as the groundwater pressure level, along with camera inspections for controlling the measuring points and the detailed determination of the physical chemistry.

The data is collected on a permanent basis or on key dates, checked for its quality and subsequently used to create the conceptual site model.


In cooperation with Dr. Marc Schöttler, Intrapore offers the completion of Phrealog® measurements:

Conventional hydro-geological exploration methods do not always provide results with the requisite or necessary quality and cogency of the information. In the case of an insufficient water gauge, water levels which cannot be correlated, flat groundwater gradients or long-distance water networks, for example.

For hydrogeological explorations, being able to derive the groundwater flow direction and velocity in the aquifer from the horizontal groundwater passage at drilled wells is therefore of fundamental importance. To be able to provide data for the plausibility testing or perpetuation of evidence flow models independently of water level measurements, for example.

Our measurements take place according to an internal quality standard, which is characterised, in particular, by a camera inspection of the well prior to the measurements. In this respect, pipe transitions are located and the condition of the filter pipe is documented. These are important prerequisites to ensure that the measurements can be carried out in appropriate filter tube sections

Our customers from the areas of water management, civil engineering, geothermal energy and environmental protection appreciate our professional investigative concepts, the technical discussions with our geologists on-site and our detailed reporting which documents the measured results on a clear and transparent basis, as well as our expertise, which is based on our long-standing experience as a specialist service provider.

– Dr. Marc Schöttler, Phrealog