Main Application

  • scientifically validated
  • high capacity adsorber material
  • field tested
  • safe and sustainable

PFAS immobilization

The oil- and water-repellent properties of per- and polyfluorinated surfactants (PFAS) ensure their widespread use in many goods of everyday and industrial use. Their use in fire extinguishing agents is of particular environmental relevance. The extensive use of this group of substances, which is considered to be carcinogenic, has led to widespread groundwater contamination requiring remediation. PFAS do not occur naturally and are not degraded microbiologically. They are also extremely mobile in soil and groundwater.
Once PFAS have moved into the groundwater via the unsaturated soil zone, there are currently hardly any options for sustainably limiting the spread of this contamination.


Intraplex B

Intraplex B is a colloidal, highly adsorptive special activated carbon developed by the Helmholtz Environmental Research Centre Leipzig (UFZ) and Intrapore for the in situ treatment of PFAS contamination in groundwater. The material is injected directly into the contaminated area through existing monitoring wells, via injection wells or in a direct-push process. Due to the particle size in the micrometer range, the suspension is optimally distributed, coats the soil matrix and ensures a long-lasting immobilization of the contaminants due to its extremely high adsorptive and specially modified surface. The duration of effect of the adsorptive zone established in this way in the aquifer is then typically in the range of several decades. Intraplex B is scientifically tested, field-proven, approvable and can be used quickly and safely.